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Plastic Surgeon New York
Luis A. Cenedese, M.D.

Welcome to BEAUTE des ARTS!
 We would like to introduce you to the wonderful and 
exciting experience of improving your appearance through plastic surgery.
Aesthetic Surgery is a process of refinement where
"Science predicts surgical outcome
and Art changes Perception"

As our technology and techniques have advanced, we have expanded what we can do to sculpt the face, breasts, and body, as well as rejuvenate skin.  Fat grafting, injectable fillers, minimal incision in the nasal, eyelid, and breast areas, now allow us to sculpt the body in ways not previously imagined.

An artistic eye and gentle touch are essential to obtain the natural, yet enhanced appearance that makes plastic surgery such a gratifying experience. With a minimally invasive approach, careful attention to local anesthesia, and the patient's emotional and intellectual needs, pain and recuperation time have been dramatically decreased.
It is this combination of talent, and science with an architectural flair, a highly trained and compassionate office staff, and a warm comfortable environment with state of the art facilities that we offer our patients.

The no-downtime laser lipo technology that took the UK by the storm is now available in the US and in our office!

Sigma LumiSlim Pro is the best non-invasive laser to effectively remove excess fat in targeted areas including eye-bags with no downtime.  The cold laser, built to exacting medical specification, uses the 650nm wavelength, has no effect on the surrounding tissues and the results are visible immediately.  

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26 Years in Plastic Surgery-Where are the Gray Hairs?

Dr. Luis Cenedese

The media has sought Dr. Cenedese; quoting him in New York Magazine and Tonus.  His practice has been featured in New York's most popular newspapers.  
A French documentary on Breast Augmentation displayed his talent and compassion.
His work has been published Reconstructive Plastic Surgery text books.
An account of The Doctor's courage, ability, compassionate and charitable acts have recently been published in a best selling autobiography "Brooklyn NY: A Retrospective"


We hope that you will visit or contact us to further discover how
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery can be of benefit to you.
30 Central Park South between 5th & 6th Avenues
1021 Avenue Z Corner East 11 Street Brookly

For additional information please visit our webpage sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons


Luis A. Cenedese, M.D. F.A.C.S.
Institute Beaute des Arts
30 Central Park South New York, N.Y. 10019
1021 Avenue Z Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235